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Phlebotomy services offered in Cheyenne, WY

If you’ve ever had a blood draw, you have a loose understanding of phlebotomy. Kristine Van Kirk, MD, and Kelly Gebauer, WHNP-BC, of Healthy Lifestyle Medicine in Cheyenne, Wyoming, provide phlebotomy services to obtain blood for a variety of tests. They use the results to guide treatments for weight loss, hormone replacement, vitamin deficiencies, and a number of other health concerns. To schedule an appointment for phlebotomy, call Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, or book online today. 

Phlebotomy Q & A

What is phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the practice of obtaining blood samples for various types of testing. The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine makes sure your blood draws are as quick and easy as possible, and they get the results to you right away. They also help you interpret your results and can make recommendations for treatment based on them.

Your phlebotomist at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine can locate both veins and capillaries to draw blood samples. In many cases, they send the samples to a lab for testing. Phlebotomy is also involved in blood donation. 

When do I need phlebotomy?

After phlebotomy services, the blood sample you provide is tested based on your specific needs at the time of your visit. The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine uses phlebotomy to make diagnoses and to help develop beneficial, custom treatment plans. You visit a phlebotomist if you need tests like:

Comprehensive metabolic panel

A comprehensive metabolic panel measures your blood glucose (sugar) levels and a few other parameters related to your body’s conversion of nutrients into energy. 

Complete blood count

A complete blood count offers a count of the various cell types in your blood, including platelets and red blood cells. 

Hormone blood testing

Hormone blood testing can detect hormone imbalances, which may impact your metabolism, sexual function, mood, and development. 

Lipid panel

A lipid panel measures your cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels.  

What should I expect from phlebotomy?

When you arrive for your blood draw at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, the team asks for your consent right away. If you have any questions about the blood draw procedure or about the test you’re getting, the team can answer them at this time.

Most blood tests require a draw from the inner elbow or the back of the hand. The team wipes your skin with an antiseptic wipe and ties an elastic band around your arm, which helps the vessels retain blood. They insert the needle and draw the appropriate blood based on your needs. 

Once the blood is drawn, the team removes the tourniquet and withdraws the needle before covering the puncture site with cotton or gauze. They may ask you to hold your arm up briefly before they apply a bandage. 

To learn more about phlebotomy and what to expect from a blood draw procedure, call Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, or book an appointment online today.